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Exclusive media debuts in UP and Rajasthan today


Exclusive media that has brought to its readers interesting news from across the globe and  the country in the last one year under the banner of Gujarat Exclusive will now also be available in UP and Rajasthan from 2020 May 14 onwards. Under the banner of UP Exclusive and Rajasthan Exclusive we will continue to bring you the latest breaking news and happenings across India and the world. The news web portal will be available in Hindi as well as English.

We will continue to act as the fourth pillar of democracy and will ensure that citizens’ voices are heard and their views taken to the doors of decision makers. In one year of functioning, Gujarat Exclusive has had an impactful run with readers flocking to our site to read and access the interesting and special content. We have also helped highlight the social and economic conditions of the state and have sought answers from the authorities. Our impactful stories have helped several of our readers and citizens of Gujarat

As we cross borders beyond Gujarat, we will continue to raise questions of governance, economy, security, health and education to those in power. Our news will continue to be transparent, ethical and based on facts. Our new ventures will continue to offer our readers 60% local content and 40% global content. We will be as concerned about the happenings in the assembly as we will be in addressing the problems of the poorest in the remotests of villages in these states. We promise to bring you news that matters.

Abhishek Pandey
Group Editor,Exclusive Media
Date: 14/05/2020