About Us

Uttar Pradesh Exclusive is a digital platform for the news, views, and facts and figures of the day today stories across the globe. We intend to serve a unique style of web portal where forgetting the language barrier one can read news in Hindi and English on Exclusive group. We are presently located in Ahmedabad and steadily we will be serving our content in all the regional languages nationwide. Exclusive shows and investigative report are the most creative part of our website.

In the changing era of digitalisation, it is difficult to differentiate between real and hoax. Tighten your seatbelts and get ready for most trustable and exclusive stories with depth analysis, statistics, research and investigation based verified content exclusively at our websites.

The Idea-Generator

The Founder and Group Editor of “Exclusive” is Abhishek Pandey. He worked in all forms of media whether it is print or web or television with several big banners. His vision is to create a platform between virtual media and truths on ground. He has completed masters in mass communication and also wrote a fiction novel named as “Chakravyuh” in first year of graduation.

We observed that people are unable to reach the news stories despite of their interest. The problem was lack of available content in a feasible language. To solve this problem Uttar Pradesh Exclusive is launching the most updated and current news in 2 languages; English, Hindi.

The founder Team


(Director – Exclusive Group)





Abhishek Pandey

(Founder and Group Editor- Exclusive Group)






The Title – “Uttar Pradesh Exclusive”

The Uttar Pradesh Exclusive – the title says it all. We will be serving you with unique stories, unbiased content and will try to unfold the untouched sections of the society. If you have any project idea or you want to associate with us in any manner you can email us at [email protected]